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Uhhh, it´s like the whole streetwear scene is freaking out about my custom Supreme thong. Well I think these are my five minutes of glory. Maybe we will release a t-shirt with this “famous” picture on it. I bet many people call me a bitch or a hoe because I put a picture like this on the internet. I need to say that I don´t give a shit. I can´t see anything provocative in this picture, it´s all about what I tailored and whereon I´m proud of. My friends are okay with this picture and my boyfriend is too and I don´t care about the opinion of anyone else. If I´d wear a bikini no one would say one word. I also think we´re at a time where being “naked” is getting normal. You can see the motto “sex sells” in many advertisements and even celebrities expose more naked skin then some years before. I bet in some weeks or months a lot people who hate now will just copy my idea because it´s amazing, lol. Whatever this post is a diy post, I want to show you girls how you can make a thong like mine.


How I got the idea:

Recently I bought myself some Supreme boxershorts, they were unfortunately too big for me. So I had the option to throw them away or give them to my boyfriend. I thought both were bad ideas because I really wanted to wear them. After a short time I got the idea to make a thong out of it. I think thongs are the most comfy underwear model for women, that´s why I selected this model. I really like the result and the feedback on Instagram and Facebook showed me that other people liked my idea too.


How you do it:

All you need is a thong you really like and of course in your size, some Supreme boxershorts, a scissors and a sewing machine. I cut the elastic band from the boxers and opened them at the back. Like I already mentioned the boxershorts were too big for me so the elastic band was also a bit too big. I shortened it and sewed it again together. Then I sewed the Supreme elastic band on my thong. Et voilà the stylish custom Supreme thong is ready for wearing.

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Anonym Sunday June 14th, 2015 - 01:02 AM

Hallo Sarah,
ich möchte dir ganz herzlich zu diesem wunderschönen selbstgemachten String gratulieren. Soviel Talent habe ich leider nicht, so dass ich auf gekaufte Produkte angewiesen bin. Seit ich in einen Freund habe ( bin auch 19 ), achte ich jedoch auf sexy Wäsche, da ich gemerkt habe, dass dies der Beziehung guttut. Meinem Freund gefällt es sehr, wenn durch einen String der Po schön präsentiert wird. Auf tumblr hast du ja auch ein Foto eingestellt, wo ein Junge von dem String seines Mädels offenbar hingerissen war. Dasselbe habe ich auch schon mit meinem Freund erlebt.
Alles Liebe !

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