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Die Geschichte zu meinem Blog

You can find a short summery of me and my blog on the about me site, maybe you already read it. In this post I want to write about the whole story from the total beginning until today.


I´ll start at the very beginning. I love writing as long as I can remember. I started with short stories when I just learned to write in school and when I was like 12 years old I started with my first website. It was like a personal blog, I wrote about everything. Well but I deleted this site, which was on Jimdo by the way, after a short time. That was the time when I was totally into reading instead of writing. When I turned 16 my mother gave me a book about fashion bloggers, which was written by Jane Aldridge. That was the inspiration to start my own blog. I´m into fashion since I´m born and loved to express myself through different styles. I titled this blog 16memories because well I just turned 16… I had a lot fun with this project even my photos were awful. Imagine some mirror pictures with an old digital camera. After like two years I deactivated my Blogspot “account” because of my apprentice ship. I unfortunately  had no time for it. During the time between my first and second blog I spent a lot time on Tumblr and Instagram, I used there the name ohwyouknow. So I also changed my blog name to ohwyouknow and I still love it. I think it´s pretty unique and I connect with this name meanwhile a lot memories.


Well, in the beginning of 2015, when my apprentice ship went to its end, I deleted all posts from 16memories and gave my blog the new name. That was the start of ohwyouknow. Since then I write regular about fashion and special things that happen in my life like events. Since like almost a year I also write about beauty and a bit deeper about the theme traveling. The focus is still on fashion but I like to expend my writing themes, I mean I grow and my blog should too. At this time no one knew about my weakness for blogging, not even my friends. I´d never have dreamed that I could earn money by writing about my life. Anyway in autumn 2016 I bought my domain and I wanted to take blogging a bit more serious. Meanwhile I lived in Berlin and experienced my first Fashion Week in summer 2016. I was just at some pop-up stores and one fashionshow which was really bad and I had to pay for. So I decided that I want more in January and that was a success. I visited my first blogger events and real fashionshows in January 2017 (lol, not even a year ago). I learned a lot in this week for example that cooperations exist and you can get free products by blogging and even money. Brands asked me for business cards, I had no business cards at this point and the first thing I did after this week was reading and learning a lot about serious blogging. When they asked me for business cards and I had non I felt so unaware. Of course I made myself right after this question some. I posted also a blog post about blogger business cards a few weeks ago. If you don´t already have some you should read this article (here).


In sping 2017 came the next big step, I moved with my blog from Blogspot to WordPress. The first thing was that I registered myself for the wrong WordPress (yes, that can happen). When I fixed this the next problem came, the export I took from Blogspot was incomplete – all pictures were gone. I had to delete some posts because the pictures were so old that I didn´t even find them on my old laptop. Beside the pictures the text looked like a battlefield and I had to set this too. I´m still not finished making all posts good looking, it takes so much time. Well this is a chapter for itself so I don´t want to talk about it too detailed. Anyway after I changed this I had to rebuild my reach and read in the themes SEO and SEA and many other exciting subjects. For example doing cooperations the right way and write bills or what should be in a contract and how do I need to mark sponsored postings. There is also another big theme which was totally new to me and that was the tax office and how I sign up my business. I still have a lot to do and to learn which will be really exhausting or it already is. But I do this voluntary and even if it´s hard sometimes I really like what I do. It´s the best hobby or meanwhile also job which I could imagine doing.


By the way I have this book, which was the trigger why I started blogging, still in my books collection. Even if it´s a bit older there are a lot outfit inspirations in it and informations about fabrics and patterns. I don´t know if this book is still available but if you find it I can really recommend it. If not, there came a lot other books about fashion blogging in the last years so you should find something good really fast. The name of my book is “Find Yourself” and like I already mentioned it above it´s written by Jane Aldridge. Now you know how I started blogging. I learned a lot in the last few years and I thought about giving advices to people who just started with this amazing thing. I already wrote a blog post about blogger business cards and I think I´ll make more posts like this. For example how you move from Blogspot to WordPress or how this thing with cooperations works.


So, that was the story behind my fashion and lifestyle blog and at this point I want to thank my mom again for this amazing book, that´s the reason why I do what I do today. Also a big thanks goes to my dear brother who gave me these amazing flowers.











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Sonja Wednesday November 22nd, 2017 - 05:54 PM

Liebe Sarah,
echt spannend zu hören, wie du zum Bloggen gekommen bist!
Und schön, dass dich das Geschenk deiner Mutter auf diesem Weg begleitet.
Hab einen schönen Abend 🙂
Liebe Grüße
Sonja – The Cozy Life

ohwyouknow Thursday November 23rd, 2017 - 09:21 PM

Hi Sonja, herzlichen Dank für deine lieben Worte! Es freut mich, dass dir mein Post gefallen hat. 🙂

xx Sarah


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