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Another month is over, so here is the next post of this series is in line. Tralala. I’m sorry for posting this so late but because of the Berlin Fashion Week I was busy as f**k. My vacations are also in a few days, so you can imagine that everything is going on and on. But there is also one good thing, because of this I have a lot content for you guys and it’s also just like two weeks till the next article of this serie will be online. Every one who has not seen the last/first post of this serie can do it now, just klick here.


Snake skin

be the person you want to have in your life

Ein Beitrag geteilt von sarah kuhn | content creator (@ohwyouknow) am

Also this picture is a typical everyday outfit of mine. Not suitable for work but there is also something like free time. The top is a China no name product, like the sunglasses, but I think a lot of stores like Tigermist or Forever 21 are also offering such tube tops. The high waisted jeans is from Bershka, I bought it a year ago without trying it on and at home I was like “no, that looks awful on me”. Somehow the pants were now narrower or I’m a little thicker, anyway now it fits perfect. This is somehow one of the only pictures on Instagram where I’m wearing my hair pinned up. I do not think I like it like this my head looks so strange then… But with temprature above 30 degrees I rather look a little strange than that I tip over because it’s too warm.


No pants are the best pants

girls just wanna have sun. *werbung/advertisement wegen markenerkennung

Ein Beitrag geteilt von sarah kuhn | content creator (@ohwyouknow) am

Well, so the title actually only half fits, because I actually  wear pants underneath. Since these are shorter like my T-shirt you just can not see them. I would never go out with only a tee that’s as short as this one. It would be too cumbersome to always make sure that nobody sees my underwear. By the way, the tee is from Supreme, the cap is from Anti Social Social Club, the shoes are Vans and the backpack is from David Jones.


Two hearts

people look so different once you don’t care about them anymore.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von sarah kuhn | content creator (@ohwyouknow) am

Two hearts are clearly better than just one. I like this t-shirt totally, it’s cute on the one hand and yet it has something provocative, because the two hearts are just above the breasts. Anyway, it is in my eyes a great summer look and that Instagram post is probably my favorite of the month. The colors are simply magical. This shot was snapped by my dad while I was driving through Switzerland with my parents.. The shirt is by the way from Mango, the jeans skirt is from Tally Weijl and the shoes are from Vans. The sunglasses are the same as the black above, a no name product from China.


Rocker tee and clown pants


Ein Beitrag geteilt von sarah kuhn | content creator (@ohwyouknow) am

This outfit was taken during a lunch break at work. I have these cute pants for a couple of years now, they’re from Zara. My tee is from Just Cavalli, the white mini backpack is from David Jones and the kicks are from Nike. Pretty normal everyday outfit. I can not say any more.


Purple turban lady

no more fake friends

Ein Beitrag geteilt von sarah kuhn | content creator (@ohwyouknow) am

This photo was taken on the way back from the Yupik summer ball. I got the turban there, a nice women also showed me how to do it at home. I think that looks really nice and it’s easy to do so it won’t be the last time that I walk around with a turban. By the way, the scarf for the turban is by H&M, my jacket is from Gucci, the green jumpsuit is from boohoo and my shoes are a high Converse. I bought the belt in Switzerland in a Brockenhaus, I have no idea which brand it’s from.

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