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In August my Instagram feed was full with beach wear, mostly bikinis and beaches beause I was in Ibiza and took a lot of photos there. So this is a beach wear edition! I think I only wore long pants for one or two times last month. I’m so NOT ready for fall, I need at least two more months of summer.


Ibiza exporer

go wild for a while. *werbung unbezahlt

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The first outfit I want to show you is from my Ibiza trip (most of these Instagram posts are from there). I wore it when we strolled through the old city and visited the beautiful castle. Unfortunately I only took two pair of shorts with me, the one you can see here and some from a two piece. So many looks from Ibiza look similar. To be honest it is pretty hard to choose what you want to take with you for a week if you only have hand lagguage. Anyway, the mesh top is from Tally Weijl. I bought it a few years ago in Zurich and still love it. Under this whole look I wore a bikini, you can see the top, it’s from Teeink. I bought it a few days before we left at TK Maxx. When I was at the dressing room I was unsure if I should buy it, it was pretty thight. I’m so happy that I did it because when I took all the tags of it fitted perfect! Maybe you remeber my shorts from a few blog posts ago. I wore these high waisted hotpants from Bershka in another “my Instagram outfits”-post, I think the title of this look was “snake look”. I also had just two pairs of shoes with me, one pair were flip flops and the other one sneakers. Even if you can’t see it I wore the sneakers here.


Pool babe

Here we have my first bikni picture. The top is the same like in the photo above, so I don’t need to tell you anything about it. The bottoms are from H&M, I have them since like forever. I’m not a big H&M fan but they’re bikinis are amazing. They fit me so well. When I was in Switzerland a short time ago I just bought a new one at H&M, I think the quality is as good as the swim wear I have which was or is more expensive.

Palm trees

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On our last day we had a few hours left before we had to go to the airport. We spent this time by the pool and took the cool shots with a palm tree. I love, love, love palm trees! I even got one to my birthday a few days ago. The bikini is the same like in the photo above. Since I think these shots are also really cool and pretty different I put two posts with the same “look” into this months “my Instagram outfits”-post.


D&G monogram love

i’m a vintage designer stuff lover *werbung unbezahlt

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This super cool vintage Dolce & Gabbana bikini is also very new in my collection. Most of my bikinis have no pattern so I thought that I need an eye-catcher for this summer. I’m such a vintage designer stuff lover and monogram pieces are so in style this summer so I just HAD to buy something like this piece. It’s a very slim cut especially the top but for sun bathing and calm swimming it is gorgeous.


Flower power

tan line an der falschen stelle, uupsi. *werbung unbezahlt

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I bought this cute sunflower two-piece set from Zaful. I’ve had it since February or so, one of the few pieces I bought in advance for this summer. I’m a person who buys directly in the season rather than ahead. Anyway, sunflowers are wonderful flowers and when they’re printed on such a sweet cut… Whoo totally my thing.

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