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The spooky month is over, that means my Halloween stuff can be packed away. Some days ago we had temparatures over 20 degrees outside with sunshine and soon it should be snowing and Christmas. Whaat? That’s so weird, I really do not understand this weather.


I have to be honest, this month almost no new pictures came online. Somehow either the weather wasn’t right or I was working or my look was not good enough for the Instagram world. Since I do not want to show you everything twice and three times, this is a smaller blog post. I took a single picture here, which is not from this month – simply because it deserves a place.


Plants are friends


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berlin, du bist so wunderbar.

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That it is still pretty warm in Berlin proves, for example, this picture here. I recorded it when I picked up Tristan from the vocational school. This photo was taken near the bathing ship. I bought the Beret at Boohoo and the dress is from Only. The weather itself is strange for this season, as I mentioned already above… However, I think it’s even stranger that the temperatures are the same in November as in October, but this month you’re not able to walk around outside only in a t-shirt as in last month. Can anyone enlighten me, I’m confused.


Just Another Camo Shot

This picture is the one thas was token some months earlier. I chose it to be in here, because by far it had the best feedback of all October postings. Currently it has been saved over 50 times, which is a new personal record. Anyway, the T-shirt is merch of the Flatbush Zombies, the pants are from Ebay, the boots are by Dr. Martens and the bag is from Bape.


Come Over When You’re Sober


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come over when you‘re sober photo: @bettinaxcv | *werbung, unbezahlt

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This picture was taken when Bettina and I went to the Uetliberg in Zurich. We shot this picture on the lookout tower. I love such photo days, where you just take the camera and snaps around. The hoodie is from the current Lil Peep merch collection and the jeans from Tally Weijl. The sneakers are, as so often, my classic Old Skool Vans.


Trick Or Treat

Due to Halloween, I chose a picture with pumpkins for the last day of the month. The picture was taken at the Jucker Farm next to the the Greifensee in Switzerland. Also on this day it was again too hot for a jacket, so I just ran around in my t-shirt from Brandy Melville. The cute bag is from Louis Vuitton, the jeans are from Tally Weijl and my shoes are like in the picture before from Vans.

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