about me


Hi, my name is Sarah Kuhn, I’m twenty something years young and the founder of this fashion and lifestyle blog. On this page I want to tell you a bit more about me and my baby (which is obviously my blog).


About me: Sarah Kuhn

I come from Zurich and you could say that I am a real village child. I played in the forest and there are also cows and lots of nature. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from always being up to date with the latest trends, after all, there is something like the Internet and I was born with a sense of style – lol. A job offer from Berlin spontaneously drew me to this wonderful city after my apprenticeship, which I can now call my home. Since I miss my friends and family so much, you can still see me almost every month in Switzerland.


Incidentally, I am not a full-time blogger but have a job in marketing as well. Already in my apprenticeship, I realized that I like the mix of creativity and a cozy office everyday pretty well. It would be fantastic, of course, if someday I would only create content for myself and  only have to worry about advertising for my own business, but that may take a while.

About me and my fashion and lifestyle blog

Topics of my blog

To be honest, I find it boring to just blog about one topic, so I write about everything I love. The main theme is definitely fashion, then place 2 would then share travel and beauty. I like to combine all three topics, writing while I travel about new trends and my current favorite outfits and beauty products! I have also published a few articles on the topic of cooking and blogger tips or presented my pets here, but these are topics that are rather rare. I’m a colorful surprise bag but that’s why I call ohwyouknow as a fashion and lifestyle blog.


History of my blog

Since I can think I like to write and am interested in fashion, so I started my own german fashion blog at Blogspot because of a book about fashion bloggers which inspired me. I got for my 16th birthday (2011) and this is where everything started. I called the blog 16memories and was pretty proud of the self-invented name. After a little more than a year, I disabled my account on Blogspot since my education took more time than expected. At the beginning of 2015 I was seized by the desire to continue and under a new name, namely ohwyouknow (not ohyouknow but with a w in between), I had a new start. In the fall of 2016 the time had come and I bought / rented my own domain, that was such a happy moment for me. In the middle of April 2017 I left Blogspot and moved to Wordpress with my articles. At the same time, I also started to write the texts not only in German but also in English, so that my readers outside the DACH area understand everything too.


Here you’ll find the detailled blog post about the story of my blog.