diy: black supreme underwear for women

von Sarah Kuhn
Supreme Underwear

I finally made it! My custom Supreme underwear for women in black is finished. It took me almost one year to finish them. There was always something more important to do, I bet you know what I mean. I made them already at the beginning of the year and now, a few months later, I finally took some photos of the result. A big applause for lazy Sarah, lol.


How you do it:

All you need is a thong you really like and of course in your size, some black Supreme boxershorts, a scissors and a sewing machine. I cut the elastic band from the boxers and opened them at the back. Like I already mentioned in my last “original” post the Supreme boxershorts (size small) are too big for me so the elastic band was also a bit too big. I shortened it and sewed it again together. Then I sewed the Supreme elastic band on my thong. Et voilà the stylish custom Supreme thong is ready for wearing.


Anyone didn´t already read the “original” post about the white custom Supreme thong can do it here.


Fotos: Tristan Luckow

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