christmas gifts under 50 euros

by ohwyouknow

It´s not even a month till Christmas. Like every year the big question is; what do I give as a gift to whom?! I put some ideas together, there should be something for everyone. The more people you give something the more expensive it is that´s why I made a budget and every Christmas gift here is less then 50 euros. Regardless of whether parents, siblings, friends, grandparents or boy-/girlfriend, you will find something for everyone. Of course you can use these gift ideas also for persons who celebrate their birthday in the cold season.

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Christmas gifts for woman


Christmas gifts for men


Christmas gifts for kids


Of course there are thousand ideas but it would be just too much too present them all. So, I made a small summary:

  • There is not a big difference between gifts for women and for men. Male people also like beauty products like perfumes, aftershaves or care kits for beards. Electronic or Accessoires like wallets or scarfs are always a good idea too. As soon as you engrave something it´s a more personal present. I gave a engraved silver bracelet to my boyfriend a few years ago and he loved it. A similar one is also in the gallery above. A good Christmas gift for friends and colleagues are also winter liquors or a classic bottle of good wine.
  • Gifts for kids are the easiest. They mostly have a wish list and you can just buy them something from it. Anyone who still don’t know what to give them; I recommend toys, clothes and video games.
  • Generally I like to give adventure gifts to my loved ones, for example concert tickets or a visit at a theme park.
  • By the way selfmade gifts are always a good idea too because people see you made it with lifeblood, for example selfmade cookies or liquor. You can also make a lot small gifts instead of one big.


December 2017: I´m one of these persons who do everything at the last minute. This year I want to begin earlier and with all this Christmas stuff so I can spend December in joy. I intended to do this already last year but all I did was making some burned cookies and decorate a small Christmas tree, apart from that I had a stressful time. This year I take my mother as my role model, everything is decorated in the end of November and you really feel the Christmas spirit in my parents apartment. If I do it like her I should have enough time for a gingerbread house, ice-skating or Christmas markets.


December 2018: Anyone who has already been here last year may recognize this blogpost. I just updated it, because no one needs duplicate content. Incidentally, in 2017 I actually managed to bake cookies, to make the apartment a Christmassy and to decorate a gingerbread house with Tristan. Yes, heard that right. We did not do it ourselves but bought a template and simply glued it together and decorated it. But hey, still better than a year before.

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