what’s in my pool/beach bag

the ultimate summer packing list for sunny days by the water

von Sarah Kuhn
pool/beach bag

Summer is not only a hot topic in Indonesia, but also in Europe as temperatures rise and vacations are on the horizon. To match the season, I’ve put together a list of essentials for your pool or beach bag. Here’s what you absolutely shouldn’t leave out.



Having very fair skin, sunscreen is a must in my pool/beach bag. I use a full-body sunscreen with SPF 20 from Nivea, which comes in a convenient spray form for easy application. I also have sun oil, but I only use it when I’ve already got some tan. For my face and décolleté, I opt for a sunscreen with SPF 30 from DM (PR Sample). What I particularly like about this one is its mattifying effect. When I’m not wearing makeup, at least I won’t be shining. By the way, when it comes to pool/beach outings, I generally steer clear of makeup, both for myself and others. Who wants to swim with makeup on? The only thing I occasionally use is waterproof mascara.


pool/beach bag



Sunglasses are one of those items you can quickly misplace. So, be sure to keep an eye on them but avoid wearing them all the time, or you’ll end up with unsightly imprints on your face. The sunglasses in the picture aren’t from Ray-Ban like the case; they’re from H&M. As for my regular glasses, I have only one case, and it happens to be from Ray-Ban, protecting all my eyewear.


pool/beach bag


Reading Material

Whether it’s a book or a magazine, this is the perfect opportunity to indulge your inner bookworm. Tablets and other electronic devices tend to be challenging to use outdoors because of the glare, so I recommend going for print materials. This time, I’ve chosen the latest issue of Grazia since it offers a great mix of fashion and celebrity content.


pool/beach bag



Aside from reading, music is a fantastic companion, no matter where you are. I’ve emphasized this in my Travel Must-Haves post. When you’re lounging by the pool or on the beach in great weather, you can especially savor the music. For the summer, I’ve created a playlist on Spotify that I play about 90% of the day. The headphones, by the way, are from Panasonic, and these are a more budget-friendly model because I have the unfortunate habit of tearing my headphones apart, although not intentionally.


pool/beach bag



In addition to a towel, you should never forget your bikini, swim trunks, monokini, or whatever your choice may be. Unless you’re heading to a nude beach, in which case you can leave these behind. However, as I’m not the type for nude beaches, a bikini or one-piece swimsuit is always in my bag. I wore bikinis exclusively for years, but this year I finally got something new – a pristine white one-piece from American Apparel. I had actually thought the brand had disappeared, but the store in Berlin still has a vast selection in stock. I purchased the flip-flops a few months ago at TK Maxx. I’m so thankful for the existence of this store because every time I visit, I find wonderful items. By the way, the brand of the flip-flops is TRUFFLE COLLECTION.


pool/beach bag

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