instagrammable places: the 9 most beautiful beaches on rhodes

von Sarah Kuhn
The most beautiful beaches on Rhodes

These beaches on Rhodes are definitely worth the drive. It doesn’t always have to be the one that is right in front of the hotel or just closest to the holiday apartment. After my instagrammable places guide for Rome, I show you in this article the 9 most beautiful beaches on Rhodes with some insider tips. 


How to get to the beaches on Rhodes

The easiest way to get to Rhodes is by rental car, which in our case would be the beaches of Rhodes. I don’t recommend a quad or scooter on this island, because it’s very big and has many mountains – the smaller means of transport simply don’t have enough power for that. Some, like Prasonisi Beach, are a bit more remote and therefore a bit more difficult to reach by public transport. Although I have to say that the network is pretty good. Especially from the larger cities, such as Lindos or Rhodes town, you have good connections for just a few euros. Otherwise, you can take a taxi, but since they are not particularly cheap, I do not recommend this option.

1. Prasonisi Beach

My absolute favorite beach is Prasonisi Beach. He offers something for everyone. Those who like action can go kiting or windsurfing, those who like peace and quiet can wade through the water to the small island with the cute lighthouse and those who have had enough of the stone beaches will not be disappointed with a shallow golden sandy beach either.

Apart from the location itself, this beach of Rhodes also offers a natural phenomenon. At the southernmost point of Rhodes, the windy west side and the calm east side meet. You can see the waves of the two sides meet and when you go to the small island you are pulled from one side to the other – it’s really impressive.

2. Traganou Beach + Cave

What I particularly like about this beach is that it feels like you can walk endlessly along it. It’s not as well known as other beaches – we only passed it by chance – and therefore it’s very idyllic! So if you want to read a book in a relaxed manner without being surrounded by screaming people, this is the place for you.

But the highlight is something else: a cave! You can reach it directly from the beach. Most of the time you need a boat for something like that, but here you can do without one. The cave and the rocks around it offer an excellent photo backdrop! This stretch of the beach got me into Mars vibes.

3. Anthony Quinn Bay

The paradisiacal pebble beach south of Faliraki should not be missing from my list of the most beautiful beaches in Rhodes. The bay was named after actor Anthony Quinn, who filmed his film The Guns of Navarone there.

Since the bay is quite well known, you have to expect a bigger rush. You can always find space to relax. I recommend visiting the beach in the morning hours. It’s even emptier there and the sun is reaching the bay. In the afternoon, this already disappears behind the mountain and dips most of it into shadow.

Absolute recommendation on my part is the small restaurant, which is located before the way down. In addition to delicious food, you can enjoy the fantastic view on the swings. This is not directly at the beach but an instagrammable place! 

By the way, if you don’t go straight ahead at the parking lot but turn right or walk back a bit, you will find two more bays. Just as nice for snorkeling and relaxing just not so many visitors.

4. Afandou Beach

Many small bars, restaurants, and water sports venues can be found on the long, wide beach of Afandou, which is located in the village of the same name. The beach is particularly attractive for windsurfers and kiteboarders. The place is often referred to as a Mecca for this. Depending on the section, Afandou Beach consists of sand or pebbles. As with all beaches on this list, the water here is reminiscent of the Maldives or Bali. If you walk a bit you will also pass some beautiful grottos.

5. Faliraki Beach

If you like action, Faliraki is the place for you! The beach is the longest organized sandy beach in Rhodes. The crystal-clear, shallow water is particularly appreciated here, and since the 1980s the living environment has also been appreciated. Action fans will find everything their heart desires, such as water skiing, paragliding, surfing, jet skiing, pedal boats, or an exciting banana ride. It’s hard to imagine, but just 50 years ago, Faliraki was a dreamy little fishing village with few residents and a wild beach.

6. Kallithea Springs

In addition to the beautiful thermal baths with the stylish art deco buildings, the Kallithea Springs offer a wonderful beach that invites you to linger.

If the entrance fee for the thermal baths and sun loungers is too much for you, I can recommend Kokkini Beach, which is right next to it. The bay is also very nice, but you can just go there with your towel and don’t have to pay extra for admission.

A little tip for cat lovers: You won’t be able to miss it because it’s at the entrance. I mean cats from Kallithea – a sanctuary for stray cats that just want to be cuddled. I’m a huge cat fan and this was like a dream come true. Over 100 cats were on site, half of which were still babies.

In addition to incredibly beautiful beaches, Rhodes naturally has a lot more to offer. At every corner, you will be confronted with the great history of the island and will find ancient buildings and incredibly delicious food. From my side, I can only say that the island is worth a visit.

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