7 tips for optimal skin care in summer

with these simple tips you can glow like the sun

von Sarah Kuhn
Skin care in summer

Advertising | The sun not only gives us something, but it also demands. In this article, I have summarized my personal top 7 tips for optimal skin care in summer. Because let’s be honest… We all want the perfect glow.


1. Sun protection is key

You shouldn’t just wear sunscreen in the summer, but every day, so that at the age of 50 you still have the skin you had at the age of 20. Especially in summer, however, care should be taken to use a high sun protection factor and to apply sunscreen regularly, as the UV rays are even stronger.

As an alternative to sunscreen, you can also use a day cream with integrated SPF, which is less greasy and allows the skin to breathe better.

2. Drink enough water

Just as the external care of the skin is important, one should not forget internal one. Due to the high temperatures, we need enough water – also for our circulation. Ideally, you should drink around two to three liters of water every day in summer.

I’m certainly not the only one who finds it difficult to get to their ideal liter dose per day. That’s why I wrote an article some time ago on how it’s easier to drink enough water.

3. After sun

Especially if you have been exposed to the sun’s rays for a long time, you should not forget to take care of yourself afterward. The skin is dehydrated and needs care. Otherwise, you risk peeling like a potato. The best way to do this is to change out the greasy creams you used in winter. The skin no longer needs the increased fat content of these skin care products during the summer. However, the sun, heat, and sweating lead to a loss of fluids (as already described in point 2), which must be compensated for.

After sun products like my beloved body butter were specially developed for this.

4. Facial cleansing

Yes, even if you don’t put on make-up often in the summer, you shouldn’t skip this point. Due to the polluted air and the sweat that forms on our skin, it is important to cleanse your skin thoroughly. Residues from the sea, chlorine, or sand can also clog your pores.

Hautpflege im Sommer

I recommend gentle products to not damage the skin even more. In my article about the 10-step Korean skincare routine, I explained the double cleansing method to you, which I can only recommend to this day!

5. Peeling

Regular exfoliation is a must for well-groomed, smooth skin. Especially in summer, it can rid your skin of deep-seated dirt and oil, as well as help to repair your natural skin barrier. 

Especially in summer, your skin needs some help with regeneration. But since you also have to be particularly gentle with your skin at this time of year, make sure not to peel too often, especially not in the morning, so as not to expose the freshly treated skin directly to aggressive UV radiation.

6. Refreshing facial sprays

If it’s super hot, a facial spray or thermal spray will cool you down quickly. In addition, the skin is quickly supplied with moisture. The spray mist is absorbed in a short time without leaving any residue. There is no need to worry about make-up and mascara: facial sprays are also ideal for fixing make-up. The spray regulates the sebum production of the skin and makes the whole thing more durable.
Hautpflege im Sommer

7. Ice bath

An ice bath (regardless of whether it is only for the face or the whole body) is not only super refreshing at high temperatures, but also helps to tighten the skin.

I would recommend taking an ice bath in the morning as it also helps get your circulation going.

This article was created in a friendly cooperation with the perfumery Douglas.

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