my (bad) experience with micro ring extensions

by Sarah Kuhn
my bad experience with microring extensions

When I was in Bali in 2017, I had extensions done on my hair towards the end of my trip. I know, I know 2017 was a long time ago, but this article was half finished in my drafts and I think that my experiences can also help others or it’s at least interesting for some. So three years later I completed the text and now I want to tell you about my experience with microring extensions.

In short; I will tell you in this article how I got the extensions, what problems I had with them and how 

How did I get the extensions?

Let’s start at the beginning; on the second last day of my Bali trip, I wanted a change in my appearance. Since I didn’t like my hair at this point I decided to do something new with it. I had the microring extensions done in a small salon in a side street of Kuta. Sounds great, right? In any case, I wanted this change! My last visit to the hairdresser was a little shaky, the hairdresser cut my hair with a terrible step cut and that looked just awful with the short ombre (that’s what it looked like).

In total, I paid about 100 euros for everything. Everything includes: Dyeing my hair and putting it in the microrings including real hair loops in my hair color. Not included was the hair thinning, which made it very difficult to prevent everyone from noticing that the long, beautiful hair was not mine. Luckily I’m not too bad at cutting my hair so I did it by myself back in Germany. Anyway, it didn’t look that bad without the thinning out since I wore curls every day.

In any case, I was given too little hair-loops so I had to go again to the salon the next morning to “plant” a second pack. Well, most of you will think what nonsense I was doing. But to be honest, it looked pretty good at the beginning and the micro rings themselves were put in with no different from what an average German hairdresser would have done.

my (bad) experience with microring extensions
my (bad) experience with microring extensions

What problems did I have with the hair extension?

After about four weeks (again in Germany) the first strand came out and three more followed in the next few days. It was then clear to me that it was time to take the extensions out. On Google, I found some pages about durability and it also said that this variant should last 4-6 weeks, after which you have to renew it. I had enough at first and, to be honest, I was also happy that the hair was shorter again.

Having your hair long and cared for is a nicer feeling than with extensions – in my opinion. It was a great experience, maybe I’ll do it again (another variant) but before I’ve had enough of it.

It is so tedious to give your hair so much care, I just mean blow-drying directly after showering. I love to let my hair air dry, especially in summer and it just doesn’t work. It is also exhausting to always make sure that the hair does not become matted in the bondings or the micro rings. If you forget to pay attention to something, you have a mess. Yes, I also had a mess and I cried. Half of my hair was matted during Berlin Fashion Week in the summer of 2017. That was the point where I just pulled it out. Funnily enough, less of your hair came along than expected.

How do you get the microring extensions out again?

No one should do the variant I just mentioned unless you are as desperate as I was – like I said, there wasn’t much hair coming off. The safest solution will be the hairdresser, who will remove the micro rings for you for little money. But if you don’t want to do this for whatever reason, I recommend taking a pair of pliers and breaking the rings. I think this is the easiest, fastest, and gentlest way for your hair.

my bad experience with microring extensions

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