why i take dietary supplements

by Sarah Kuhn

Advertisement | Even if it written advertisement before this blog post, this is a really personal one. Why I take dietary supplements and why it’s maybe also good for you is what you will find in this article.


I’ve often mentioned that I’m pretty sensitive about food. Bad deficiencies have never been detected in me, although I have been tested by doctors several times. Nevertheless, I know I don’t consume as much vitamins as I should. That’s why I’ve been more concerned with dietary supplements in the last months. There are a lot of people who are on the pro site and just as many who are on the contra site and just think that you should eat more fruits or whatever. This is easier said than done for people like me who do not eat fruits and vegetables at all. Someone already said I’m an alien and that was just one of many stupid statements that I had to listen to or what I mostly hear is: “oh, come on, give it a try”. You can imagine that it is just annoying after the 50th time, if someone always wants to make you believe that there is nothing better than for example strawberries. Incidentally, I know that I’m not the only one with this problem, so no, I’m probably not an alien – only for those who have now asked themself this question. I mean some things like potatoes or olives are also a part of my meals. In an emergency, I would even eat broccoli, but I’m just sick of the sight or smell of the little tree-like things. Well, I just have to live with it, but there is also the other variant; the vegetarians and vegans or lactose intolerant people, even those missing some vitamins. Anyway, I’ve been taking dietary supplements for a few months now, because I put “healthy living” on my goals list for 2018 as every year. Of course, I informed myself intensive before I bought them! If you want to play it safe, you may want to talk to your doctor about it or ask a pharmacist. You can buy dietary supplements without prescription directly in the pharmacy or how I do it; I simply order it at an online pharmacy, because I’m a lazy person.


One thing should be clear to everyone before I write down my five reasons for supplementing food here; they are not a substitute but as the name says implies supplements. That does not mean that you can easily just take them and don’t eat any food. I just wanted so write this down because there are always strange people who come up with the weirdest ideas. If you want to look now at all the supplements, you can do that at the tips on drinking enough water. There are a lot different products, you will also find there some which I use.


Reason one – when you don’t eat everything

I already mentioned my main reason above. I hardly eat vegetables and fruits and therefore do not take many vitamins or too little to me. Even people who do diets, vegetarians or vegans as an example probably have deficiencies. If you think that you have any shortcomings, you should probably visit a doctor or pharmacist, who can give you more specific informations. In my case I already knew exactly what’s missing. I can just google a bit and find without much effort the right results. So for myself for example I bought some zinc and calcium tablets or algae which should help against anything.






Reason two – the nutritional content of our food is steadily decreasing

As mentioned above, a dietary supplement is not a substitute but a supplement, as the name already says. Unfortunately, the nutritional content of our food is steadily decreasing, which does not make it any better that I eat so little “healthy” food. It can also be difficult for people who are all eaters to take in the recommended amount of nutrients only by eating. If you compare the values of today with the ones from fifty years ago, the substances has dropped sharply. Quantity is more important to many in agriculture, such as quality. Soils are slowly drained and fertilizer and Co. do not make the whole thing better. In addition, the CO2 concentration increases and has a poor effect on the nutrient content and quality of our food.


Reason three – “preprogrammed” undersupply

These sub-points do not or not all apply to me, but I think it does to many people who read this article.  Dietary supplements in form of folic acid is probably the best known, many pregnant women have to resort to it. Pregnant women need twice the value of those who expect no child. I have read in my research that two-thirds of all adults in Germany do not reach the reference level for this B vitamin. The same article (from ogaenics.com) said that a recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found out that women who take folic acid supplements at least one month prior to conception and eight weeks after conception had a lower risk of having a child with autism.


During my advanced level schooldays, every second had a iron deficiency, women were mostly affected by it, which on closer consideration seems quite comprehensibly. Every month we have our days or, as the saying goes, menstruation and thereby lose a lot of iron. If you are a woman and a vegetarian, you have double signs of iron deficiency. A large proportion of iron is taken up by meat and that falls away with vegetarians or vegans.


Magnesium deficiency was next to iron deficiency one of the most common deficiencies I heard about in my environment, so I take this on my little list. Magnesium keeps your enzymes going and keeps them perfectly performing their tasks and functions (says zentrum-der-gesundheit.de). Magnesium is found e.g. in green leafy vegetables, oats, pumpkin seeds, nuts, raw chocolate, legumes and dried fruit. Like me, you probably will not eat these foods daily, so we’ve got something here that we can not cover completely as we should. Do you get out of bed in the morning really bad and are you tired and exhausted all day long? Are you often stressed and have spontaneous hunger? If you have just affirmed everything, you might want to take a closer look at this deficiency.


Last but not least; What I would like to “introduce” is vitamin D, together with calcium and vitamin K, it keeps our bones and teeth strong and stable, protect us from summer sun allergies and in winter from a flu. If vitamin D is missing, calcium can not be absorbed from the intestines, which can lead to all the problems associated with calcium deficiency (says zentrum-der-gesundheit.de). In short, if you have too little vitamin D you can get a lot of annoying stuff. Fortunately, our body forms vitamin D by itself, namely by the sun or rather the sun’s rays coming on our skin. But he only does that when the skin regularly receives sunlight. I work in a bureau and don’t get any sunlight on my skin the whole day, it is especially bad in winter when it’s dark in the morning when I go to work and in the evening when I leave work. So in this case dietary supplements are well a good supplement.




Reason four – food sins, environmental toxins and chronic stress

To be honest I think it’s really difficult and stressful to bring together work, household, my blog, friends and love life. The fact that I’m stressed out and I keep thinking that I still have something to do makes that my brain does not allow me to take an hour to cook a fresh meal. Pasta or fast food are therefore not uncommon for me. I also know from many others that it is difficult for them to feed themselves healthy in this hectic everyday life. We often eat too fat and love sweets. In particular, sugar and wheat are real nutrient and energy robbers. If you smoke or drink alcohol regularly, you can assume that you may lack certain nutrients.


Reason five – sport

Last week, a good friend and I decided to go back to fitness. Sport is important but of course our body is also heavily burdened. We have to spend a lot of energy and we need a lot of vital substances. So, who regularly does sports, whatever in which form, should absolutely make sure that his body receives enough nutrients. If I would not have that thing with my abnormal eating habits I would at least take dietary supplements from now on.







As mentioned above, I have dealt extensively with the topic of dietary supplements but I am not an expert, so if I should have reversed something of the facts unintentionally, please be so kind and write it in the comments.


If you did not have enough of the topic “healthy living”, then you should look at my blog post with tips on drinking enough water. Especially in summer, when the temperatures like to climb a bit higher, you should make sure that your body gets enough liquid.


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