5 home gadgets for a cozy fall and winter season

by Sarah Kuhn
5 home gadgets title

Decorating the apartment according to the season is one of my great unknown passions. Since it is time to furnish his apartment more comfortably again, I thought to myself that I would share my favorite home gadgets, which are underrated, with you. Since I’m quite a saver, none of this costs more than 70 euros!

Electric fireplace

I want to start my home gadget list with an electric fireplace. Since there is a large fireplace in my parents’ apartment and I grew up with a warm fire in the living room during the autumn and winter season, I was a little sad not to have this luxury here in Berlin. Now I’ve come across electric fireplaces, which are available for 50 euros including a heating function. I’m obsessed and can only recommend this since it also doesn’t take that much space.

Home Gadgets Fireplace
Please ignore the reflection of my ugly moving boxes.

Mini Beamer

TV reels are cool, but a projector is more suitable for the perfect cinema feeling. I think a mini projector is even better than a normally installed projector. Of course, the performance is not as impressive as a real projector that costs over 1.000 euros but is perfect for a cozy movie night. What I also find cool about it is that you can just put it in your pocket and easily take it with you to friends. Good value models can be found for as little as 60 euros.

Home Gadgets Beamer

My tip for the summer and people with a balcony or garden: You can use the projector just as well outside and, for example, watch football together or the latest episode of Germany’s Next Topmodel with the girls. Since there is usually no white blank wall outside, I recommend hanging up a white sheet as a canvas.

WakeUp Light

The days are shorter again, which means that it’s still dark in the morning when you get up. Many people, including myself, get out of bed more difficult during the fall and winter seasons. To counteract this, I bought a WakeUp Light alarm clock. This simulates a sunrise, which, in my opinion, makes getting up a lot easier. Here, too, it doesn’t have to be the branded model, because you can find good models including a radio and normal bedside lamp for as little as 20 euros.

Home Gadgets WakeUp Light

I opted for a WakeUp Light by Philips because these models are the best in the comparisons. The HF3520 / 01 model covers all of my needs. Besides being an alarm clock I also use it as a normal lamp or radio. It was particularly important to me that the sunrise mode does not just take place in yellow but in the entire color spectrum. I paid 55 euros for the WakeUp Light alarm clock, luckily there was a discount on Singles Day.

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Humidifier with built-in aroma diffuser

We had a humidifier in our living room for as long as I can remember. There are now also some with an aroma function. For me, the right climate in a room also includes good air with a pleasant smell. Models for a smaller area can be found for 15 euros. I also use a small one and it fills the entire living room in no time.

Home Gadgets Deffuser
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Heating blanket for the ultimate coziness

Last but not least on my home gadget list: For around 20 euros you get the next level of comfort. How does it work? Quite simply, with a fluffy teddy blanket that has an integrated heater. For me as frostbite, just right!

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