love life and job journey: exploring the parallels between

racing heartbeats and career soars – a humorous look at the similarities of two exciting worlds

by Sarah Kuhn
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Today, I invite you on an exciting journey through the love life and the sometimes impenetrable job journey. The parallels between these two worlds are so striking, it’s almost as if Cupid and LinkedIn have decided to team up. So buckle up as we embark on a journey full of surprises, emotion and a dash of humour!

Patience is a virtue - in dating and in your career

Let’s start with patience. It is said that patience is a virtue, and this applies not only to finding true love, but also to finding your dream job. Reflecting on my own journey, it is clear that it has been a marathon.

Skipping through my personal experiences, I’ve successfully navigated the love scene and enjoyed a six-year relationship. With my ex-partner, we experienced numerous highs and lows. The fact that we’re still friends suggests that it was a match for that period.

While my peers were kissing passionately at the age of 14 or 15, my first kiss seemed a long way off. It wasn’t until I turned 18 that I met my “dream person”, which led to the aforementioned six-year relationship. However, it took a whole year of dating before we officially became a couple. Maybe the distance between Zurich and Berlin played a role. Nevertheless, the best things in life often take time.

In the world of job hunting, my journey has been similarly eventful. Post-school, my dream job didn’t unfold right away. I opted to embrace another year at design school before plunging into the dynamic world of media, where my love affair with marketing blossomed.

However, as my apprenticeship concluded, the elusive job offer remained out of reach, marking the commencement of another patience-testing phase. Until, at last, I secured my inaugural job in the vibrant city of Berlin. Now, about its glamour – let’s just say it wasn’t quite the dazzling spectacle I had envisioned. Yet, with a dash of humor, I embrace it all because, truth be told, life is an exhilarating adventure.

Now, after three years as a proud single person and a year of job application adventures, I can rightly claim to have collected more stories than a library stack of romance novels!

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Rejection is not doom

Rejection is just another chapter in the novel of both your love life and career journey. It might sting not to receive that coveted “yes,” but here’s the fabulous truth: darling, it’s not always a reflection of you.

I’ve danced with the feeling of self-doubt after a rejection, questioning if I’m not good enough or if there’s something inherently wrong with me. But here’s the twist: sometimes, others are simply on the hunt for something different that aligns better with their groove. And you know what? That’s perfectly okay. Instead of letting setbacks cast a shadow, let’s embrace the forward strut, knowing that somewhere out there, someone or something is ready to applaud you for the dazzling soul that you are.

Job interviews and first dates - a nerve-wracking experience

Job interviews and first dates are like an emotional rollercoaster, an exciting tightrope dance through life. You have to prepare, hide your nerves and try to put yourself in the best possible light. And yes, we’ve all had our share of horrible dates and interviews. But here’s the good part: They are not just lessons, they are perfect stories to share with the girls over a glass of wine. Cheers to the rollercoaster of life!

In job interviews, we often worry about being good enough for the company. But how often do we forget to ask ourselves if the company is good enough for us? After all, we applied because at least 80% of the job description matched our skills. We have something to offer, and we shouldn’t forget that.

Selecting the perfect outfit and venue is like crafting your own personal narrative—it sets the tone for the entire experience. So, pick attire and a location that resonate with your comfort, for these elements hold the key to confidence and an unforgettable time!

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Communication ghosts: the phenomenon of ghosting

In the thrilling realm of love and career pursuits, there are moments that evoke the enigmatic disappearance of specters. Yes, I’m referring to ghosting – that captivating phenomenon where someone waltzes into our world only to vanish into the digital abyss without a trace.

That sounds really spooky, doesn’t it? You’ve had a fabulous tête-à-tête, possibly a first-date rendezvous or a job interview that held the promise of a professional rendezvous, and then? Complete radio silence. No text, no call, just a vast emptiness. It’s as if they vanished into the elusive realm of non-commitment. If you’ve danced with these phantoms in your love life or career journey, fear not; you’re not alone. I can vouch for the frequent appearances of these apparitions, haunting both matters of the heart and the pursuit of the dream job.

But darling, lift that beautiful chin of yours! These spectral beings might not be the crème de la crème when it comes to communication. Who has the time for someone unable to master a basic “sign of commitment”? You deserve the cosmos, whether in your love life or job journey. Let not these phantoms dampen your sparkle, because trust me, someone or something out there truly does adore the brilliance you bring to the table.

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Masquerade exposed: the dilemma of catfishing

In matters of the heart and the career arena, we often cross paths with individuals and companies that initially don a captivating facade, only to unveil a different reality later. It’s like they’re auditioning for a role to captivate our attention. They portray themselves as the ideal match, but in truth, they frequently fall short of the act.

I’ve experienced this in both areas. In love, I met people who presented old or heavily edited photos and gradually revealed their true personalities. When looking for a job, companies promised fantastic benefits and modern working conditions that were often just wishful thinking. It feels like a scenario from a romance film where the reality doesn’t match the trailer.

The lesson from these experiences is that we should always be critical. If something sounds too good to be true, it often is. Trust is crucial in both worlds, and if someone lies from the start, how can we be sure they’ll be honest later? Whether it’s a pay rise or a romantic promise, the truth is often less glamorous but more honest.

In a cosmos brimming with catfishing and masquerading, it’s vital to tune into our instincts and not get bedazzled by glossy exteriors. Because when the curtains fall, we deserve nothing but the finest – be it in matters of the heart or the boardroom.

Conclusion: Love life and job journey as an adventurous odyssey

In a nutshell, dating and career pursuits share more common ground than we might imagine. Both demand patience, navigating through rejections, embarking on interviews or first dates, and are brimming with unexpected twists, both delightful and challenging. Recognizing the parallels between these two realms can empower us to navigate the hurdles and enriching moments encountered in matters of the heart and in our professional lives. It’s the journey that constitutes the true adventure, not the destination. In the universe of love and work, it’s the encounters along the way that mold and enlighten us. May our escapades always unfold with surprises and captivating narratives. So, let’s continue our exploration with a sparkle in our gaze and eagerly anticipate where the love and career escapade will lead us next!

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