facetime date: 10 ideas for video calls with friends

von Sarah Kuhn

The doors of cinemas, bars, and Co. are closed, that’s true. But why should you spend your evenings lonely on the couch? My tip for this time or otherwise, if you want to be close to your loved ones even though you can’t for whatever reason, are video calls.

When I recently spoke to a friend via FaceTime, the question came up, what can you do with friends via video call? All too much did not occur to us because of the fast. I have given the day more precise thoughts on this topic and wanted to share them since we are all in the same boat at the moment.


We are very lucky that we can sit out such a pandemic at this age. Only 100 years ago, something like Skype or Facetime was still science fiction. We can be close to our family and friends despite social distancing and self-isolation. During my long-distance relationship, I could have used all the tips. Well, everything we did was talking regularly. In this case: Cheers to the technology!


What software do I use for video calls?

FaceTime via WhatsApp

I think everyone who has WhatsApp has ever made a video call. For those who have never done this before, I have a little guide here:

To start a video call via WhatsApp, you have to go to the chat with the person you want to talk with and press the video sign at the top right. To add more people, you can add more people as soon as you have called the first one.

Skype the classic

The good old Skype. I used to reach relatives abroad, at the moment it is also very useful for acquaintances in the same village. Where FaceTime is more for the cell phone, I prefer Skype for video calls via laptop. Of course, I could also communicate with my MacBook via Apple’s FaceTime app, but very few of my friends use Apple devices.


The free app Houseparty has risen again in the rankings. It not only offers an application for video calls between friends but also many free and paid games that can be played together during the call. The app itself is, like the top two free of charge, just some additional games cost money.

You can also call your friends through Facebook, Viber, or even Google but these options above are my personal favorites.


You can play these games via video call

Since not much is happening for most people, the topics of conversation are sparsely sown. How about a game night?

Monday painting

Who doesn’t know it – Monday painting. We always played this game before the holidays in school. I have to say that I didn’t particularly like to play it because I didn’t like doing anything in front of large crowds – not even drawing. With my best friends it is different and a lot of fun.

Either you use an app for this, where you have to wait until the other person is finished, which can take a while, or you organize a kind of whiteboard or simply hang a paper on the wall. In any case, super simple and super entertaining.

Educational game that is fun: categories

Grab a pen and paper and off you go. Copy doesn’t work, except you want to lose points. That’s why Facetime is perfect for a round of the only educational game that was somehow fun at school.

As with Monday painting, there are suitable apps for this game (here you have to wait until your buddy is finished) and websites (here you can play together in real-time), but I think the good old version is funnier. You’re already so often on the cell phone, so it is way cooler to use the option without electronics.

I have created a template for you. So you just have to download it, print it out, and start right away.

Playing video games via online mode

Almost every console can connect to people via an online mode so you don’t need to sit next to each other. I bought myself a Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago and meet my friends pretty often in different online worlds, my boyfriend prefers the Playstation. There is something for everyone here.

For everyone who does not have the money for a console, there are also a lot of mobile games that you can play together in multiplayer mode.

Drinking game where secrets come to light: Never have I ever

Since all bars are closed, we simply bring the drinks into our own four walls. Let’s be honest, in times like these, a nice cocktail or a glass of wine is simply indispensable. Yes, yes you can also have fun without alcohol, but sometimes it’s just a little bit nicer with it – by the way, that shouldn’t be an advertisement for liquor.

It’s a fact that drinking together is more fun than being alone, but why don’t we make a drinking game out of it? “Never have I ever” is particularly suitable for this. You also get to know your friends a little better.

I guess most people know how to play “Never have I ever”. However, since there is always someone who does not know this, I will explain it briefly:

A player starts with the sentence “Never have I ever” and depends on the activity. For example: “I’ve never been awake for 24 hours”. All people for whom this statement is wrong must drink now. That means if one of the players was already awake for 24 hours at a time, then he has to take a sip of his wine, beer, or whatever. So, of course, everyone else now knows what everyone has done and what not, what makes this game great. Of course, the rules also apply to those who made the statement themselves.

Korean drinking game: Sam Yuk Gu

If we just had the topic of alcohol, I’ll put a second drinking game on the list. In my K-dramas, which I’m always watching, drinking games are shown very often, so I need to have one in here too. Sam Yuk Gu is a Korean drinking game, which you can play with two people and for which you don’t need any accessories – it’s perfect for video calls.

The game basically has only two rules:

  • Do not say the numbers 3, 6 or 9
  • Instead, replace the numbers with one clap each

Someone starts counting with one, then it continues clockwise. If there is a 3, 6, or 9, it is replaced by a clap instead. If someone makes a mistake – that is, taking too long, saying one of the forbidden numbers, forgetting to clap, clapping too little or too often – then he has to drink.

Here is an example:

  • 1 – 2 – [3] clap – 4 – 5 – [6] clap
  • [31] clap – [32] clap – [33] 2x clap
  • [369] 3x clap

Movie night together from different couches

Movie nights are great and you can also do this together if you are not in the same room. Thanks to providers such as Netflix Party which even eliminates the annoying “press the start button at the same time”.

My current streaming recommendations:

Online candle light dinner

Standing together on a stove is not possible at the moment. Nevertheless, you can cook together via video call and enjoy the feast together at an online candlelight dinner. Cooking and eating with a nice conversation is more entertaining than standing alone in the kitchen. Depending on what your video call partner is cooking, you may be able to learn something new directly.


No more excuses for skipping your home workout

Even when gyms are open, it is often difficult to overcome oneself to go out for a workout. If there is a bag of chips and a TV remote control right next to you, it is even more difficult to motivate yourself. The temptation is big to skip your training one day after the other. So how about an appointment for a joint home workout? You can inspire each other and then exchange the home office gossip with a delicious protein shake.

Spa Day with face masks and Co.

Sure, you don’t go out as often anymore and you hardly see any people during the pandemic. You quickly get tempted to let yourself go. All I have to say to this is: NO, NO, NO. Organize a spa day once a week, where you’re putting on some face masks, getting done the nails, and gossip about your lovers. In any case, you are fit on the outside and can also relax your inner self.


Muck out the closet together

If not now then when? Everyone has these pieces in their closets, but they have not been put on for years. Use the time at home and muck out your closet. You can quickly make a small fashion show out of it and maybe a friend of yours loves the pants from the last summer, although you can no longer imagine them on yourself

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