travel must-haves: what you always should take on your trips

by ohwyouknow

PR Sample | It´s always the same, I don´t know what to take with me, I pack in too much and the most important things were left at home. That´s the reason why I wrote this travel must-haves list for short and long term trips. Since a longer time I wanted to write a post like this and as I´ll go to Bali in a few weeks I thought this would be the perfect time to write this aticle.


Wallet and flight tickets

Important, important without this you can´t even get away from the airport. Beside a valid ID and/or passport you need of course your flight ticket. You should be informed about the currency of the country and pick up some cash. Who knows where the next cash mashine will be found. I recommend to take an emergency bank or credit card with you and stow it away from the cash. Just in case if you get robbed you have still some money. In term of robbery I always make a photo from my passport so I still can prove my identity.




Travel bags

The essential thing while traveling is to be organized. That´s why I recommend the travel bag set “Gute Reise”. In the set are five cotton bags, they offer a lot of space and take the stuff for your adventure organized. The first two bags are for clean and dirty clothes. One is for cables, cameras, etc. so you don´t need to search everywhere for it. The last two are for frills, I take one for my jewelry and accessories and the other one for the bigger beauty products like a hair straightener or a brush. By the way this is my absolute present tip for every one who likes to travel. Such a good invention, regardless of whether you are traveling with a suitcase or a backpack.




Clothes, shoes and accessories

You should always pack in some long and short clothes, the weather report is mostly correct but as we all know it´s some times wrong. Except you fly to Antarctica, there it´s enough if you take some gloves, hats and everything else that gives you warm with you. But if you go for a city trip or to the beach I´d say don´t forget you sunglasse, yes – I always forget them at home and have to buy some new. While we´re on the subject accessories I recommend a backpack for day trips beside some cute bags. A backpack offers a lot of space, you have free hands and if you walk for a longer time it´s just more comfortable. When it comes to shoes I´d just take one of every model. I mean one pair sneakers if you walk around for a longer time, some high heels for the evening, some sandals for strolling through the city and some flip flops for the beach. My motto for the theme jewelry is “less is more” but that´s just my opinion because I lose small things like this pretty fast. I also recommend to plan outfits when you´re packing. I mostly take a lot of things with me which are pretty but don´t really fit together. So I have some things which just stay in my suitcase and are a wast of space.




Toilet bag

If you just travel with hand luggage you need to consider that you can just take a certain amount of liquid with you. The sun cremes, perfumes, etc. need also to be in a separate transparent bag. It would be a waste of money if you need to buy everything new there. I take the iron flat always with me and since my hair is growing the curler can´t be missed. I recommend to clear up in advance if you´re hotel or apartment offers some free towls. You can save a lot of space in your suitcase or backpack if you don´t need to squeeze this in it. Everyone who travels to a country which is not the neighbor country should pack in a small first aid kit.





Last but not least on my travel must-haves list. Everyone who ever left his headphones at home knows; once and never again. Smartphone, charger and maybe a portable charging station should also not be forgotten otherwise the headphones are useless after a short time. I recommend to pack in a camera, of course with the charger. Smartphones take pretty good pictures nowadays but a real camera is still better. My SLR camera from Canon is always with me on my adventures. Because I´ll stay in Bali for a longer time and I want to blog there too I´ll take my tablet or laptop with me, I´m not sure yet which of both I´ll take to be honest.


travel_must-haves.jpeg gave me the organizers kindly for free.

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