berlin fashion week: spring/summer 2022 diary

von Sarah Kuhn
Berlin Fashion Week

After the Corona break, the live events of the Berlin Fashion Week finally continued again. I missed that! A week of fashion, fashion, fashion and finally seeing a few familiar faces again, was very good.


Without wasting a lot of time, it is best to start directly with the Berlin Fashion Week – Spring / Summer 2022 diary.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

LARS WALLIN & SWEDISH BRANDS: Vernissage with fashion show

My Berlin Fashion Week started with the vernissage and fashion show by Lars Wallin & Swedish Brands. At this event there was even a dress code, so my companion Sophia and I came to the event in a chic cocktail dress and high heels. My feet still hurt the next day but it was worth it. I felt really pretty again.

The vernissage included, on the one hand, dreamlike dresses by Lars Wallin, who, among other things, already outfitted the Swedish royal family. On the other hand, many different Swedish brands showed part of their collections. Everything was there; From children’s clothes to an e-car company to furnishings – who shouldn’t be missing, of course? Exactly Ikea was also at the start.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

#DAMUR Brunch

After an extensive birthday party on Saturday, the Sunday #DAMUR brunch with panel talk or, as I called it, hangover brunch with interesting discussions. The location was near Kraftwerk where the official shows took place and it was like a dream. The food and drinks were also amazing, I had a wonderful time at this event.

Monday, September 6, 2021

The Berliner Salon

On Monday I only worked half a day in the home office and had a Fashion Week program in the afternoon. My, almost obligatory, Fashion Week Buddy Kim and I went to the opening of the Berlin salon in Kraftwerk. The exhibition of various excellent German designers could be admired before and after the official shows at every Berlin Fashion Week. There were some things that you couldn’t wear in everyday life, but also a lot that I would have packed straight away.

Neo Fashion Show 2 + 3

Show numbers two and three were super creative and inspired me to dust off my sewing machine and tailor it myself. The shows were from the award-winning theses from the fashion schools in Germany.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021


As with my first I’VR ISABEL VOLLRATH show, I left the building with fascination. The collection included many pieces with a tropical flair – I was particularly impressed by the dreamy dresses!

mates date

I’m always particularly looking forward to the side events. Of course, the shows are the main part of Fashion Week, so to speak, but during the side events, you can switch off, get to know new brands, and recharge your batteries. Unfortunately, due to the current circumstances, there weren’t many such events this year and when they were held they were very, very exclusive. That’s why I was looking forward to this one from hej mates twice. After the I’VR Isabel Vollrath runway show, I decided to go straight to Berliner Freiheit with Kim to secure one of the very popular tattoo appointments.

Runway Show Anja Gockel

Anja Gockel presented two shows in one day this time. The first show, which I didn’t attend, showed the current collection and the second the upcoming one. Both shows were not presented by conventional models but by artists who danced in the wonderful designs! The designs as well as the performance convinced me.

Dawid Tomaszewski After Party

Of course, parties cannot be missed during Berlin Fashion Week! And where is the best place to go? At the exclusive celebration of Dawid Tomaszewski, of course, where, in addition to cool drinks and snacks, a short film by the designer was presented.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Runway Show Danny Reinke

Even if I, unfortunately, couldn’t attend this show in person – thanks to my alarm clock – this was probably my absolute favorite in terms of design. Anyone who knows me knows anyway that my favorite color is light green and you found a lot of that in the collection. The flowers that were included in the collection made the icing on the cake. These matched the classic designs like a fist on the eye.

Rundway Show Rebekka Ruétz

Like each of her collections, this one had a lot of pep – the designs, the choice of music, as well as the charisma of the models. Once again, the cooperation partners were also superbly selected and fit perfectly into the picture. If I had to choose a favorite piece, it would be the dress with the cloud pattern. Of the accessories, the XXL bum bags particularly caught my eye. I can very well imagine that this will be the next It Piece, as it is stylish and practical at the same time.

NEO Fashion Show + Award

Kim and I were already at two of the neo fashion shows on Monday. Today the last show took place with an award. The best from each school were shown here and there were special awards in different categories, such as “Best Design” or “Best Sustainability Concept”.

Runway Show Marcel Ostertag

When I got into a conversation with a gentleman while queuing in front of the toilets, he said that the collection reminded him a lot of the film “Once Up On A Time in Hollywood” by Quentin Tarantino. I found this view very exciting and, as I thought about it further, I found that he is right. Kim then said that Marcel Ostertag should have called “Once Up On A Time In Berlin” instead of this Flower Power motto. Of course, that worked out very well, but I have to say that I find our proposal a little more creative.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

FAEX VIP Opening at East Side Mall

I especially liked the T-shirts from Koffi. These are not only sustainable, like everything else in the shop, but also catch the eye with their bright colors. What makes it a favorite for me is the fabric. I’ve never had a t-shirt in my hand that was soooo soft.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Popswap Launch Event

Just before I took my flight to Zurich, I went to Popswap’s German launch event. Over a delicious Swedish soda and snacks, the advantages of the Popswap app were discussed in an open lecture. Most of them will probably understand the station first, so I’ll explain the concept of the app briefly.

Who hasn’t done it before… A piece of clothing no longer fits you and your best friend has always wanted something like that. Without further ado, the good part is given away, of course, and the app is based on exactly this principle. For example, you don’t want to have a T-shirt yourself but someone else for it, but you’re looking for new shoes, for example, and this person has exactly the pair you would like – so you swap the pieces without further ado. An environmentally friendly and inexpensive alternative to shopping for new clothes!

Berlin Fashion Week Panel Talk

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