pop of color: cozy winter outfit with lilac accessoires

von Sarah Kuhn

Not for nothing, it’s called “April, April, he does what he wants”. It often happens that one day it is 25 degrees and the next -5 degrees here in Germany. Since we have had a snow week in Berlin recently, I decided – even if it officially springs already – to write a winter outfit article, which thanks to the Pop Of Color still creates spring fever.

Engelberg Outfit

Engelberg - a mountain village with a lot of charm

Incidentally, the pictures were taken in Switzerland, more precisely in Engelberg. The little village is simply fantastic and is perfect for a day trip from Zurich – in winter for skiing as well as in summer for hiking. I can definitely recommend this place. Especially the way we walked. This led to a grotto. You could then walk further through the forest, which was nice. I especially liked the section with the small tunnel made of small trees.

Engelberg Hütte
Engelberg Holz

Since I moved to the capital city of Germany, I appreciate nature even more. Unfortunately in Berlin, we are not lucky enough to be in the mountains in less than an hour. I always use the time with my family to savor this. Every time I’m in Zurich, my goal is to drive into the mountains for at least one day. After all, I have to refuel a lot. I used to hate to go hiking when I was younger, but now I do like it a lot. Well maybe because the hikes with my friends include more breaks and shorter routes than those with my family back in the days. 

Winter Outfit with a Pop of Color

Engelberg Outfit

My pop of color in this case is lilac. I set the accents in the accessories with a cozy beanie from Acne and a mini bag from Tod’s. The rest of the outfits are kept very simple – otherwise, the Pop of Color wouldn’t make any sense.

My absolute favorite coat for years is from my grandma. I am wearing a large Gucci scarf to match. Among them, I have opted for a cozy white knit sweater and a pair of skinny jeans from Only. Yes, I still wear skinny jeans from time to time, I haven’t thrown them out of my closet like a large part of the fashion bloggers. My motto is that you can either be small at the top or the bottom but never small-small or big-big. So when I wear an oversized sweater and coat, like here, tight pants are a must.

Last but not least, we come to my shoes, which are from Landrover. The boots are perfect for a walk in the snow! Of course, sunglasses should not be missing. With the reflections of the snow, it can otherwise be quite painful in the eyes. My sunglasses are pretty cheap from Primark, but I just don’t see the point in spending a lot of money for a seasonal trend. Mostly I break lose them, so it would be a waste of money. My black gloves are also from Primark since I have the same problem with them as with the sunglasses. Yes, sit on it too, but I mean the thing with losing them all the time.

Engelberg Outfit
Engelberg Outfit

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Engelberg Wald

Photos: Ludwig Kuhn

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