summer fashion statement: vintage chic at berlin fashion week

the magic of bygone eras in a modern look

von Sarah Kuhn
Vintage Titel

Berlin Fashion Week is renowned for its diversity and innovation. It’s a place where the latest trends and extraordinary styles converge. This year, I opted for a timeless summer outfit that reflects my personality while capturing the elegance of past decades.

Vintage Outfit
Vintage Outfit

Vintage Charm

My outfit began with the choice of vintage sunglasses. The charm of bygone times lives on in these accessories, and these shades are no exception. They add a touch of nostalgia and originality to my look.

Personal Pieces of Jewelry

My golden hoop earrings and the necklace with a black stone are not just fashionable accessories; they also reflect my personality. The hoops lend an air of elegance to my look, while the necklace with the black stone is a statement piece. But there’s another necklace that holds special meaning for me. It was gifted to me by my godfather at birth and features my zodiac sign. This detail makes my outfit extra special.

Vintage Outfit Portrait
Vintage Oufit Lachen

The Thoughtful Statement

When I put together my outfit, it was essential for me to follow not just trends but also to highlight sustainability and personality. The dark blue dress I’m wearing is from the Aware collection by Vero Moda. It was provided to me as a PR sample, demonstrating that fashion and sustainability can go hand in hand.

Vintage Versatility in the Bag

The vintage Moschino bag I’m carrying is a true multitasker. It can be worn as a crossbody bag, clutch, or belt bag. This versatile accessory is not just stylish but also highly practical. The blend of vintage flair and functionality is a perfect example of how fashion can enrich us in many ways.

The Timeless Coolness of Cowboy Boots

My look wouldn’t be complete without the black cowboy boots. These treasures from the ’80s are a family heirloom from my dad and are from Durango Boots. The timeless coolness of cowboy boots adds the final touch to my outfit, proving that style is genuinely timeless.

Vintage Outfit
Vintage Outfit

Berlin Fashion Week provided the perfect stage for my timeless summer outfit. It shows that fashion doesn’t just follow trends but can also reflect our personality and the elegance of the past. Vintage elements, personal jewelry, and sustainable fashion all come together in my look, making it genuinely special.

We can learn an essential lesson from Berlin Fashion Week: style isn’t just about what we wear but also about who we are and what matters to us. Our outfit is a canvas on which we can express our personality and values. In a world where sustainability and individuality are becoming more critical, my summer outfit shows that we can harmonize both.

By consciously selecting vintage pieces and sustainable fashion, we can express our style while respecting the environment. Fashion is more than just clothing; it’s a form of self-expression and a statement.

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