berlin fashion week: my spring/summer 2022 outfits

von Sarah Kuhn
Berlin Fashion Week

In my last article you could read about my adventures during the Berlin Fashion Week. In this post I present my street styles of the week. The designers showed their SS2022 collections and I show which outfits I currently like to wear.


Berlin Fashion Week Outfit #1: Little black dress

There was a dress code for the vernissage with a fashion show by LARS WALLIN & SWEDISH BRANDS. This was the ideal opportunity to dress up again after a long time. You can never go wrong with a little black dress, so I went for it. I found this dress at TK Maxx a few years ago and have never had the chance to wear it. I especially like the low back and the big skirt!

In general, I kept this Berlin Fashion Week outfit very simple and did not use any statement pieces. But I also wore a few more accessories than usual. Of course, a black clutch should not be missing, just like a pair of leather peep-toes. What makes the whole outfit complete, in my opinion, is the matching satin headband from H&M – it gives me Blair Waldorf vibes straight away.

Berlin Fashion Week Outfit #2: Little sporty chic(ken)

With the second outfit, Kim and I went to the Damur Fashion Brunch and after the Fashion Week event to the museum. This outfit is very sporty and above all comfortable. I celebrated my birthday the day before and was a bit shaky so it had to be cozy.

I love how the different colors of the Nike Dunk Viotech harmonize with the vintage Givenchy shirt! Since this is already wild together with the blue Marc Jacobs bag, I left the rest in black. Sunglasses, crop top, and high-waisted flared pants are all in one color.

Berlin Fashion Week Damur

Berlin Fashion Week Outfit #3: Little brown snake

Can we just talk about how well the leather jacket goes with the snakeskin print bottoms? I should wear this combination more often! In general, I like this outfit a lot, it’s super comfortable except for the shoes – the shoes are “only” comfortable not super comfortable.

I’m also proud of the accessories of the outfit. The golden Nike ring is one of my favorites and the vintage sunglasses also have something special. I think we don’t even have to talk about the vintage Chanel bag, it speaks for itself…

Berlin Fashion Week Outfit #4: Little rainbow dress

I think this look was my absolute favorite of the week. The leather jacket is vintage Versace and belonged to Tristan’s grandma, the dress is meant for the beach and a bit see-through but seriously it looks way too good to just wear there. Matching the green in the dress I chose my beloved vintage Prada Galleria and to top it off I put on my dad’s cowboy boots – he wore them in the 80s. I also love how the chain of the sunglasses make this outfit even more fashionable, it’s such a small detail but so cool!

Berlin Fashion Week Outfit #5: Little black dress 2.0

Last but not least. I finish my Berlin Fashion Week outfit series this season with a vinyl dress by Moschino and a pair of Nike Dunk Civilist. In addition, I wear sunglasses, which are pretty spaced out – in my opinion.

The jacket is from Tristan’s grandmother and I particularly like wearing it at the moment, as well as the Chanel bag, which I took with me for the second time this week. There is no statement piece in this look either, although the thick chain by Bijou Brigitte could be taken as one. Normally I don’t say anything about my socks… But since they somehow play a bigger role in the outfit and I like the little Vivienne Westwood sign on the sides, I had to mention them separately.

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